the DVD

Since 1997 I have this questionaire on the web with questions about what we would like to see on a (zweite) Heimat DVD release (questionaire used to be available in German also). More than 1000 people have copied it in an e-mail and have sent the answers to me. The results are in this block of tab-seperated text.

It is of little use to continue the effort with Heimat available on DVD, but you can still subscribe to the DVD-Newsletter if you want to know the latest details and release dates of those releases. Just enter your e-mailaddress in the Mailman interface and confirm the e-mail you receive shortly after that.

I intend to send a DVD newsletter twice a year to all the people who have responded to the survey. Just as long as it takes to have a DVD released, which I will announce in the last newsletter. Hopefully together with an offer for a substantial discount.

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