In the spring of 2006 every other Friday Ivan Mansley wrote an introduction to each episode to the Heimat123-mailinglist to evoke discussion and to enrichen the viewing experience of our collective, worldwide viewing Heimat 3, like we did earlier with Die Heimat and Die Zweite Heimat.

The English discussion of Heimat 3 took place in 2006 from January 20 until April 28, under the assumption everyone had access to either the Artificial Eye DVD release or recordings of the BBC 4 broadcast. For the exact dates check the schedule and you can still subscribe to the heimat123-mailinglist.

You can read the introductions for Heimat, die Zweite Heimat and Heimat 3 below or you can download the entire discussions as formatted, printable PDF-files. You can choose to download each single episode/chapter or the whole book, 129 pages in A4 format for Heimat (504Kb) or the whole book, 166 pages in A4 format for Die Zweite Heimat (500Kb) or the whole book, 310 pages in A4 format for Heimat 3 (1.1Mb). If the downloading of the PDF-files gives errors, you might want to try clicking on the link with the mouse button pressed in order to have a menu pop-up that says something like 'download to disk' or 'save to disk'.

Angela Skrimshire wrote her own reflection after the discussions we had about Reitz' trilogy in a 2009 publication. In 2012 she revised this and you can download it both here as 'Heimat' of Memory, Imagination and Choice: An appreciation of Edgar Reitz' Heimat films, and on Thomas Hönemann's mostly German website about Reitz' work Citing the previous version would have the location and as a publisher, but you can also use as source. Both locations are mirroring each other. The 2012 version on has Appreciation_of_Heimat_2012.pdf as filename.

Heimat 3 was first discussed in German, also resulting in a book. You can download it from Thomas' website as a PDF-file.

The Heim@t-book is also given to Edgar Reitz as a present at the occassion of the premiere of Heimat 3 with pictures of the contributors on the second page. You can download that copy also, but it is significantly bigger (13,8Mb).

Ivan Mansley is not in these pictures. From left to right: Thomas Hönemann, Edgar Reitz, ReindeR Rustema and Raymond Scholtz.

Die Heimat

Die Zweite Heimat

Heimat 3

The discussion of Heimat 3 took place in 2006 according to this schedule. Angela Skrimshire compiled the entire discussion in this PDF-file for easy viewing in printed format.

Such a discussion had already taken place in German, also available as a downloadable PDF-file (121 pages, 1.17Mb) on the German-mailinglist from Thomas' Heimat pages. And when you are a member (free!) you can also read the archives of the heimat123-de mailinglist. Or the English heimat123 and the Dutch heimat123-nl mailinglists if you want.

For the Dutch amongst us, Gert Jan Jansen wrote introductions to Heimat 3 and a summary of comments and reviews already out there at the time, like the discussion in German. This is available for download by episode or as a downloadable PDF-file (49 pages, 0,6Mb). He also made a timeline to track the events in episode 1 day by day.

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